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IELTS Academic- Reading

IELTS Reading is different in IELTS Academic than General Training. This assesses candidate’s ability to understand the main ideas, logical argument, specified information and overall understanding, opinions, purposes, feelings and attitudes of the writer by reading the passage. It also focuses in drawing conclusions and inherent understanding of contexts.

  • A recording will be played in the test and 40 questions will be asked based on it.
  • In IELTS Academic Reading a question booklet is given to candidate, comprising of 3 long passages and 40 questions will be asked based on them.
  • The time duration to complete the test is 60 minutes (1 hour).
  • An answer sheet is provided to candidate to transfer answers of Reading test (usually behind /other side of Listening Answer Sheet)
  • No extra time is provided to transfer answers.
  • The band score will be given according to the number to correct answers. There is no negative marking in this test.

There are varied question types in IELTS Reading test:-

Summary Completion
Matching Information
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Table Completion
Short Answer Question
Sentence Completion
Not Given
Not Given
Matching Headings

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