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IELTS-Listening Tips & Tricks

IELTS Listening is considered as the easiest module but still there are few strategies that can further boost your IELTS Listening Band Score.

Master-Stroke Tip: Make yourself familiar with different English accents such as American, British etc. so that you can understand and comprehend varied audio records. So, add English songs, Podcasts, Motivational Videos, Movies, Travelling Vlogs, News and others watching or listening English contents of your interests in your daily routines. One such favorite one is watching wild life documentaries at BBC channel.

How to attempt IELTS Listening :

Before Audio: Read questions before the audio starts. Underline or mark keywords that will help you listen the specific information from the audio to find your answers. Do this in each section of IELTS listening test.

During Audio: Concentrate completely on Listening and questions simultaneously. Follow keywords and write down required information. Read the information related to audio already written on paper. It will help you to keep on track and you will not lag behind the audio. Don’t sit at question waiting for answers. Move on to next question if you left one. Think about it later so that you don’t miss other questions.

After Audio: 10 minutes are given to transfer answers. Read question instructions again such as word limits, number of options to choose etc. Then transfer the respective answers carefully. Match question number with answers in each section. Check spelling twice. Follow the same for all question types and each section. Be very careful while transferring answers. Check writing too. Revise question number again after transferring all answers. Use 10 minutes wisely.

Here are few strategies to score 9 Bands in IELTS Listening:

Signposting – There are certain phrases and words that are used in English language that help to focus on specific information or provide hints. For example, let’s look at the benefits of …….. This means that you need to focus on this saying if your question is based on benefits of something. Common phrases used in IELTS Listening are:-

Let’s talk about….                        I would suggest…..
I am going to talk about…..        Now let’s turn to ….
First of all…..                              Another….
First….                                        In addition to this….
Then….                                      The main drawback is …..
Let’s talk about….                     I would suggest…..
What you think about it?          On the other hand….

Distractions : In IELTS Listening, it also common the that in audio, first the speaker give wrong information and then corrects it. You need to get into the trick and choose the right answer or the context. For example,

John : The my contact number is 5-0-6-7-5-4-6
Marry : Okay
John : Oh wait its actually 9 in the last not 6.
Now, the correct answer is 5067549.

Same kind of distractions are used with spellings, days, names, months, names, dates and alikes. The common distractors used in IELTS Listening are:

Sorry…                        Wait a minute …..
Pardon me…               But I need….
No it’s …..                   Sorry, I mean….
FI don’t think …..        I don’t agree…..
I have mistaken…..     I disagree….
Let me check…            I think…..

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