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IELTS General- Work & Settle ABROAD

IELTS General is taken by candidates who want to work or settle permanently in English countries including UK, Canada and Australia. This test measure ability of candidate for using English language in practical, everyday real-life tasks and context for both workplaces and social situations. The band requirement varies from country to country. However, score more than 7 in each module boosts chances for work visa and permanent residence (PR) for example in case of Canada PR 8777 score increase extra 50 points in Express Entry profile. Similarly, Australian PR also demands 7 bands in each module.

IELTS General Test format- IELTS general test candidate’s ability in four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. This test will check how ready you are to work and live in an environment where English is a primary language.

Listening, Reading and Writing test are taken on same day, without any break with time duration of almost 3 hours. Speaking test can be taken on same day at a separate time or any other day within a week before or after the written test day. All modules will be scaled between 1-9 bands and an average approximation of four will be overall score.

Sr.No. Module Format
1 Listening
30 minutes + 10 minutes
(for writing answers)
1. 40 Questions
2. 4 Sections
3. Recorded Monologues and Conversations
2 Reading
60 minutes
1. 40 Questions
2. 3 Long Passages
3. From Journals, Newspapers, Magazines or Books
3 Writing
60 minutes
1. 2 Writing Tasks
2. Task 1- Describe and Summarize a Table, Graph, Diagram or Map
3. Task 2 – Write an Essay
4 Speaking
11- 15 minutes
1. Face-to-face Interview
2. 3 Parts – Short Questions, Speaking on a situation, Long Descriptive Questions

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