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IELTS General - Writing

There are two writing tasks involved in IELTS General Writing. The topics of these tasks are of general interests, suitable to candidates willing to enroll for higher education or work in professional settings.

  • IELTS General Writing Task 1
    Candidate is asked to write a summary, explanation and description of a given graph, diagram, map, process, table or chart. Minimum word limit is 150 words. It is advised to spend 20 minutes to write task 1.
  • Invitation
  • IELTS General Writing Task 2
    Candidate is asked to write an essay on a given topic, problem or a statement. Minimum word limit is 250 words. It is advised to spend 40 minutes to write IELTS Writing Task 2.
  • Agree/Disagree
    Problem, Reason
    & Solution
    Advantages &
    Discuss Both Views
    Discuss both views
    & your Opinion
    Direct Question
    Your Opinion
  • Points to remember:
    Two types of Answer Sheets are provided in IELTS Writing Test.
    One for Task 1 and other for Task 2.
    It is important to use respective answer sheets.
    Extra sheet(s) can be provided to candidate on request.
  • Duration of IELTS Writing Module is 60 minutes (1hour).
    Candidate need to write both tasks in this time.
    No extra time is provided.

  • IELTS Writing is assessed on the Writing Band Description criteria.

    Task Achievement
    Coherence & Cohesion
    Lexical Resources
    Grammatical Range
    & Accuracy (GRA)

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