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IELTS Academic test is taken by students who want to study in diploma, graduate or post graduate course in English-speaking countries. Almost all colleges and universities accept and require IELTS band score of at least 6 in each module, for enrolment and study visa. In some countries like Canada, IELTS Academic score is required for professional licensure.

IELTS Academic Test format- IELTS academic test candidate’s ability in four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. This test will check how ready you are to study in an environment where English is a primary language.

Listening, Reading and Writing test are taken on same day, without any break with time duration of almost 3 hours. Speaking test can be taken on same day at a separate time or any other day within a week before or after the written test day. All modules will be scaled between 1-9 bands and an average approximation of four will be overall score.

S.No. Module Format
1 Listening
30 minutes + 10 minutes
(for writing answers)
1. 40 Questions
2. 4 Sections
3. Recorded Monologues and Conversations
2 Reading
60 minutes
1. 40 Questions
2. 3 Long Passages
3. From Journals, Newspapers, Magazines or Books
3 Writing
60 minutes
1. 2 Writing Tasks
2. Task 1- Describe and Summarize a Table, Graph, Diagram or Map
3. Task 2 – Write an Essay
4 Speaking
11- 15 minutes
1. Face-to-face Interview
2. 3 Parts – Short Questions, Speaking on a situation, Long Descriptive Questions

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